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Welcome to our office !

Welcome to our practice:

Our practice was established in Falls Church over 20 years ago in the late 1990's. It was a few years after graduation from our Residency and getting married.  Over the years, our family at home and the office has grown. Many of our patients still remind us that they have been with us from before we had any kids, or that they remember when our daughter Dana or son Zachary  were born. Over the years our practice grew from a modest dental office with 2 dental chairs to an 8 operator y practice in 2 floors with our dedicated CT scan machine and dentistry's most advanced equipment. 

Over the years, we've served thousands of patients and we have been fortunate to have been selected as "TOP DENTISTS" or "BEST PERIODONTISTS" in many surveys of other dentists in our area. These surveys are conducted by independent organizations employed by magazines such as the Washingtonian, Virginia Living and Northern Virginia magazines. 

Over the years, we've also received great compliments from so many of our patients including online reviews. We know that success and recognition by others is never accidental. It's the result of deep commitment and hard work by both doctors and our wonderful staff. Our formula for success started with receiving amazing education. With 4 years for college, 4 years dental school and 3 years for our specialty training and Masters degree, we dedicated 11 years of our lives to prepare ourselves for our careers. Both doctors received their education at top notch universities in the United States. But our education didn't stop on the day that we graduated from school. We continued our academic involvement by teaching in dental schools. Both doctors have been part-time faculty members since 1998.  We have also been extremely active with continuing education. As board certified diplomats of the American Board of Periodontics and Implant Surgery, we have annual continuing education requirements that are  several times more than what is required for us to maintain our license. 

Other criteria for success is adopting the latest technology in our field to our practice. Using digital x-rays, Cone Beam CT scans, 3D scanners, lasers, and other high-tech equipment has enabled us to provide the best treatment for our patients. At the end, the most important key to our success is our deep commitment to being a care-giver to our patients. Our staff and doctors pride themselves as care-givers and see their actions as providing valuable service to others, something that makes us very proud. 


Dr. Lourdes Ann Christopher, BDS, DDS, MS, Diplomate- American Board of Periodontology

Dr. Mehrdad Favagehi, BS, DDS, MS, Diplomate- American Board of Periodontology

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